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Celebrate Snowflakes!
Inspired by Snowflake Bentley's birthday on February 9th and a desire to provide some physically distanced community connection in the winter days, the Community Center in Jericho is inviting local residents to celebrate Snowflakes together between February 6th and February 14th.
There will be at least a couple ways to participate:

~~Decorate your homes and/or yards with snowflakes: made out of any type of material, size etc. Use your imaginations! Use materials you have! Use snow!

~~Submit photos or videos you take of real snowflakes or snowflake related activities. We will create a gallery collection to share with the community via the Community Center's online platforms.

~~There will be Raffle prizes for those who submit their address for a map (to publish so we can all drive around and view displays) and for those who submit photos or videos for the gallery.

At this time we are seeking interest from local businesses and organizations who might want to participate by running "snowflake specials", decorating their establishments or donating prizes for our raffle.
Submissions can be sent to:

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