Community Center in Jericho
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About the Community Center 

The center was founded in the 1990's when the Jericho Center Preservation Association purchased the building for $1 when the adjacent Center School closed its doors.  At that time the building was used as the gymnasium and a classroom.

Built in the 1850's as a church, it has also housed a toy factory, and today serves the community as a gathering place.

Many hours of volunteer labor and fundraising have gone into stabilizing and improving the building for public use, and the Center hosts many fun, educational, and entertaining events.

About the Jericho Preservation Association

The JCPA, a non-profit Vermont Corporation, is a charitable and educational 501C(3) organization, dedicated to the quality of life in Jericho Center.

In addition to being the owner of the Community Center building, the JCPA also holds an easement on a wooded trail and owns a one acre playing field nearby.  The JCPA has purchased picnic tables for the Green and arranged for a memorial rock garden.  Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings in Jericho Center are some of the other contributions of the Association to the community.