Community Center in Jericho
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Building Rental Information
Fees charged to individuals and organizations profiting from the use of the center: This is a flat rate of $20 per hour. This includes a reasonable period for set-up and clean up, not to exceed 15 minutes before and after the class/event.  Non profit organizations using the center are charged a flat rate of $15 per hour.

For community members using the building for a private party or gathering: We require a minimum donation of $15 per hour for the total time you have reserved the building. What constitutes a private party may come down to a judgment call. Celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and other special events obviously qualify as parties. Other gatherings limited to invited guests, especially those occurring at popular hours such as evenings from Thursday to Sunday or weekend afternoons, should also be considered under this policy.

Please complete the Contact Us form on this page or call Andrea Hook at 802-899-2366.
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