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Models wanted for 2017 Community Center calendar, 
humans need not apply!!

We're looking for dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens - anything with a pulse that isn't homo sapiens but with one important condition - must wear clothes such as Pig in a sweater, Horse with a hat, Chicken with tiny trousers, Goat in a dress....

With the help of Phil Erb, we can catch your pet in a fun photo.  Contact Andrea Hook for this opportunity for fame and fortune, andreahook@aol.com
Community Green Up Breakfast 

Join us for our annual
Community Green Up Day Breakfast
On Saturday, May 7th from 8:00 – 9:30

Bring a dish, muffins, fruit or whatever you like to share at this popular pot-luck event or just come. Juice & coffee provided.

Catch up with friends & neighbors, meet new ones, and hear about recent news & upcoming events!

Green Up bags can be found at the Town Clerk's office & Jericho Town Library.
"Shakespeare in Your Garden"​

On Saturday, July 16, from 9am to 3pm eight residents and avid gardeners of Jericho and Underhill will open their gardens for "Garden Tour 2016", sponsored by the Community Center in Jericho.  

Ticket holders will enjoy a garden tea and a self-guided tour through some of the most delightful gardens in Jericho and Underhill. The theme this year is "Shakespeare in Your Garden." The Deborah Rawson Library is on our tour with their "Shakespearen Garden." Elizabeth Bernstein will be reciting quotes from Shakepeare plays, mentioning flowers or herbs, in the library garden . Stakes will be placed in the tour gardens identifying flowers from his plays. See below websites where you can find a list of flowers and quotes from Shakespeare works.  

Tickets $15 can be purchased at the Jericho Country Store, Old Mill Craft Shop and the Underhill Country Store after June 24th. The day of the tour available tickets can be purchased at the Old Mill Craft Shop. 
 Information: Orelyn Emerson, 899-3853. 

Registration will be at 9:30am on the corner of Pratt Road and Brown's Trace. The parade will begin at 10am and will follow the new sidewalk to the Jericho Center Green. There will be five categories: Dogs, reptiles/fish, fowl, farm animals & "little fuzzies" (rodents, rabbits, cats). 

We will celebrate with watermelons & popcorn on the Jericho Center Green.  All are welcome to participate or watch. It will be a fun time for all. Hope you can join us!

Questions?  Call Andrea @ 899-2366