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Event: Apr 4, 2020, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Do you know how to respond if someone suddenly collapses from cardiac arrest? CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save lives! Let's make the hearts of Jericho safer by training more individuals!

A CPR/AED class is being offered at the Community Center in Jericho, 329 Browns Trace on Saturday, April 4 8:30 AM-12:30 PM (participants may finish by noon). You do not need any medical training to learn these important techniques. Richmond Rescue will provide instruction and certification, the cost is $30 per participant. To register contact com or call 899-4863. Please include your full name, address, and phone number.
This is a great time to learn how to use an AED as soon 6 AEDs will be placed in sites around Jericho. Thanks to all who contributed to this great cause!

Vermont Native Perennial Plant Sale

The Community Center in Jericho is teaming up with River Berry Farm, Full Circle Gardens, and Bernie Paquette to promote native plants that nourish pollinators. There are two options:

10 plants - 9 carefully selected native perennials and 1 native grass in 2.75” x 3.5” deep fiber pots. $40.00 includes tax plus $5 to benefit the Community Center. Each order includes one plant each of: Penstemon digitalis (Beardtongue), Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)-not native to VT, Eutrochium maculatum (Spotted Joe-Pye Weed), Monarda fistulosa (Wild Bergamot), Eupatorium perfoliatum (Boneset), Pycnanthemum tenuifolium (Slender Mountain Mint), Solidago caesia (Blue-stemmed Goldenrod), Helenium autumnale (Sneezeweed), Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (New England Aster), Schizachrium scoparium (Little Bluestem) No substitutions please. – Please note on your order TEN PLANT ASSORTMENT

Tray of 32 plugs of native plants - Choose 1-4 species (to be equally divided for total of 32 plugs)
$70.00 includes tax plus $7 to benefit the Community Center
 Choose 1-4 species: Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Milkweed), Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beard-tongue), Geranium maculatum (Spotted Crane’s Bill, Aquilegia canadensis (Red Columbine), Helenium autumnale (Fall Sneezeweed), Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (New England Aster (tall), Symphyotrichum laeve (New England Aster (short), Rudbeckia laciniata (Green Headed Coneflower), Veronicastrum virginicum (Culver’s Root), Verbena hastata (Blue Vervain), Pycnanthemum muticum (Short-toothed Mountain Mint) 
Please note on your order 32 PLUG TRAY and list one-four species.

Pre-Order: Now through May 6, 2020
Pick-Up Location: 329 Browns Trace Jericho (Community Center) 
Pick-Up Date: June 20 1-3 p.m. (only)
Checks only, made out to:Community Center in Jericho 
Mail to:Community Center, P.O. Box 1018 Jericho VT 05465   .